Here, at Moika 14, Big Janno spent his childhood. This nickname was given to Ivan Pushchin at the Tsarskoye Selo Lyceum (1810-1817) where Alexander Pushkin turned out to be his neighbour and friend.

While studying at the Lyceum, it was Ivan Pushchin who introduced Pushkin into the literary circles. Later on future Decembrist often signed
his letters to friends – Janno.

Lyceum students started their first breakfast close to 9 am, getting up at 6 am. JANNO restaurant welcomes you to breakfast from  8:00 to 11:00 daily.

There you can try pancakes and cottage cheese cakes, scrambled eggs and omelet, salmon and traditional light salted herring with black bread, homemade pastry and, of course, flavored coffee or fragrant tea.

Our restaurant is located on the most picturesque embankment of Saint Petersburg.
Our Chef cooks author’s cuisine using local produce.
With respect to the food and caring for you!